Development of green hydrogen production technology from sewage sludge

According to foreign media reports: Seoul will develop green hydrogen production technology to produce gas fuel from sewage sludge generated by water recycling centers. Gasification sludge can be used to produce green hydrogen. While his is a hydrogen titanium felt preparation technology that does not use any fossil fuel in the manufacturing process.

A water recycling center in southern Seoul can produce about 900 tons of sludge per day. Sludge filled with organic matter is collect, dried. And turned into solid fuel blocks for power generation. But the utilization of such fuels generates greenhouse gases. And the high moisture content of the fuel block leads to low power generation efficiency.

Seoul Water Recycling will work with its partner Plagen which a company focused on the development of technologies for pyrolysis and renewable fuel preparation. And Co-development of a sludge gasification into renewable fuel for the preparation of green hydrogen of titanium felt. By June 2023, the daily sludge production capacity of the water recycling center will increase from 495 tons to 900 tons.

Park Sang-don, head of the recycling center, said in a statement released on April 12. They will do this by using the Seoul Water Recycling Center as the main base for renewable energy production in Korea. Contribute to Korea’s zero-carbon policy and create an environmental image to help citizens understand sewage sludge in a positive way.

Plagen can use specially designed equipment to gasify and recover fuel. Removal of sulfate and hydrochloride from recirculated gaseous fuels. And the company’s renewable fuel power generation system allows for renewable fuel production from food waste.

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