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At present, hydrogen production mainly contains four processes and technologies:1. Electrolysis of water; 2. Fossil fuels; 3. Industrial by-products; 4. Biomass. Electrolysis of water can directly obtain fuel hydrogen without CO, but its high cost is not conducive to the widespread promotion of this technology. Although the cost of the three types of production technologies...
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Titanium fiber felt, a diffusion layer material, provides electrons between the catalyst layer and the bipolar plate or the current distributor on the anode side. Due to its three-dimensional network porous structure, high porosity, high corrosion resistance and other characteristics, titanium felt has become one of the best materials of diffusion layer in fuel cell...
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As the global resource shortage is becoming more and more serious. In terms of new energy, especially the process of producing hydrogen from electrolyzed water. Many customers demand metal fiber felts with a thickness of 200-240 microns and a porosity of 70%. Titanium felt is essential for Electrolysis hydrogen production equipment. Due to the high...
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