Titanium felt for PEM fuel cell

As the global resource shortage is becoming more and more serious. In terms of new energy, especially the process of producing hydrogen from electrolyzed water. Many customers demand metal fiber felts with a thickness of 200-240 microns and a porosity of 70%. Titanium felt is essential for Electrolysis hydrogen production equipment.

Due to the high carbon content of stainless steel fiber felt, it is easy to rust, and it is more troublesome to make the film. The size of ti fiber sintered felt is available according to customer needs, and the effect of it is remarkable on hydrogen production equipment.

Titanium felt itself has the characteristics of strong anti-fouling ability, corrosion resistance,. It can replace many metal and non-metal materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Titanium is an ideal metal material that effectively solves the problem of equipment corrosion. Titanium has a promising application in three special functions such as superconductivity, and hydrogen storage. It has special properties in terms of electricity, magnetism, sound, light, and heat.

Titanium fiber felt for electrolysis water

Titanium has good electrical conductivity, heat conduction, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, sintering and other properties. The titanium fiber felt is made of titanium fibers through non-woven laying, stacking and high temperature sintering.

The multi-layer metal fiber felt has a pore gradient formed by layers of different pore diameters, which is controllable to obtain extremely high filtration accuracy and a larger dirt holding capacity than single-layer felt. First of all, titanium fiber sintered felt has an excellent three-dimensional network, porous structure and high porosity. Secondly, the pore size distribution is uniform, and the air permeability is strong; it is corrosion resistant; Finally, we can use good reproducibility, chemical cleaning, high temperature Calcining and ultrasonic cleaning repeatedly and the thickness accuracy is available according to customer needs.

Titanium felt widely used in military, aerospace, civil, medical and health care industries, for the filtration of polymer melts in the production of polyester, filament, short filament, and film; filtration of high-temperature gases and steam; filtration of high-temperature liquids and viscous liquids, the effect is good.

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