Titanium fiber felt Supplier – Factory Price In Stock

Raytron Titanium Fiber MatsYour Leading China Titanium Fiber Mats Supplier.

Raytron titanium fiber mats are commonly used in fuel cells to achieve optimal mass transfer, ohmic resistance and activated polarization in the gas diffusion layer of the fuel cell.Raytron designs titanium fiber mats with different thicknesses and precision to achieve better gas permeability and conductivity results.

In fuel cells, electrolyzers or regenerative electrochemical plant systems, Raytron titanium fiber mats can be used as diffusion media for anodes or cathodes. In addition, Raytron titanium fiber mats are used in electrochemical oxygen concentrators, electrochemical inverters and other battery applications.

Titanium fiber felt Supplier – Factory Price In Stock

Raytron also offers gold plated titanium fiber mats to avoid oxidation present in the mats. Platinization of the surface also extends product life and improves electrical conductivity and chemical stability.

If you are looking for titanium fiber felts for your application, contact Raytron and we will provide you with a great product at a great price.

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