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Raytron’s newly developed metal titanium fiber felt is made of micron-sized pure titanium fiber through a special lay-up process and a special ultra-high temperature vacuum sintering process in accordance with the latest technical standards in the industry. Compared with titanium mesh and titanium powder sintered plate, titanium fiber felt has an excellent three-dimensional network porous structure, high porosity, several times larger specific surface area, uniform pore size distribution, strong corrosion resistance, good water permeability, high porosity, heat dissipation Good performance, high current density, low voltage, stable performance, long service life and so on.

Widely used in military, aerospace, civilian, medical and other industries. In various industries in the world, the titanium fiber felt produced by Raytron is a very good product. At the same time, Raytron can also customize and produce titanium fiber felts of various specifications and properties according to customer requirements.

Raytron Newly Developed Titanium Fiber Felt

Application field

  1. Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water;
  2. PEM electrolyzer diffusion layer
  3. Hydrogen fuel
  4. Hydrogen suction machine, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen-rich cup;
ColorLight grey
DimensionCustomized as request
Thickness0.2mm-2mm Often made thickness (0.25,0.4,0.6,0.8mm)
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