Europe’s first green hydrogen production, storage and distribution station inaugurated in France

Driven by HYPORT (51% owned by ENGIE Solutions and 49% by AREC Occitanie), the first green hydrogen production, storage and distribution station within a European airport zone has just been inaugurated.

This unique hydrogen refueling station will refuel passengers at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France and Airbus employee shuttles. It is also open to customers outside the airport. This infrastructure will accelerate the energy transition in the Ossidani region while building on local economic players and industrial companies.

A hybrid station to decarbonize transportation

The HYPORT hydrogen refueling station at Toulouse-Blagnac airport, located in the airport area, close to the main road. It is the first green hydrogen production station of this size in Occitane.

The station can produce more than 400 kilograms of green hydrogen per day. It is equivalent to 1 MW of high-power electrolysis, and can fuel 20 buses or 200 light vehicles per day.

The on-site electrolyzer uses 100% renewable energy and local electricity from the Green Power Purchase Agreement. It links the ENGIE Group to the Fanjeaux photovoltaic farm (located in Aude) and the hydroelectric dam in the Pyrenees.

The only station in Europe located in an airport area

This hydrogen hub consists of a station equipped with two distribution terminals, one on land and one on the tarmac, to serve light-duty vehicles and passenger-carrying hydrogen buses to and from airplanes and parking lots. The HYPORT station can used to refill push trailers with hydrogen, as well as generators that power parked airplanes, and trucks and buses with hydrogen.

The site also includes an export area, allowing potential surplus renewable hydrogen to used for special events (generators), to decarbonize industrial processes or to produce e-kerosene. The same area can used to import hydrogen during any peak consumption period.

Establishment of a regional ecosystem of committed players

Dedicated to the development of the use of hydrogen as a sustainable alternative fuel. HYPORT designs and manages complete green hydrogen solutions. It from production to distribution. The HYPORT site is the result of bringing together all the regional and national industrial and institutional players involved in the energy transition:

The Ossidani Regional Energy and Climate Agency (AREC), the ENGIE Solutions team (who put all their expertise into building the alternative fuel refueling station Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. They committed to achieving “zero carbon emissions” by 2050 under ACI Europe’s Net Zero program). SAFRA (designers and manufacturers of the five flights currently operating on the airport tarmac). Transdev (operator of the Toulouse-Blagnac airport bus), Airbus (supporting the development of the airport’s hydrogen hub). It develope the Hydrogen Hub.

HYPORT has established 100% regional partnerships with local manufacturers. It also encourages other economic players to convert their fleets to hydrogen, a major alternative fuel. Finally, the project supported by ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition, the region of Ossidani and the JIVE 2 project co-funded by the EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Venture.

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