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Titanium fiber felt, a diffusion layer material, provides electrons between the catalyst layer and the bipolar plate or the current distributor on the anode side. Due to its three-dimensional network porous structure, high porosity, high corrosion resistance and other characteristics, titanium felt has become one of the best materials of diffusion layer in fuel cell...
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A new material titanium felt with a diameter of micrometers. It is made of metal titanium fiber by laying and sintering at high temperature. Titanium fiber felt has a three-dimensional network porous structure. Porosity and hole diameter are adjustable. Finally, it will obtain the best electrolytic performance during the electrolysis process. In the process of...
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At the present time, in the PEMEC, titanium felt liquid/gas diffusion layer (LGDL) is located between the catalyst layer (CL) and current collecting layer with flow field. As for the purpose of the Titanium felt LGDL, is to transport electrons, heat, and reactants/products to and from the CL with minimal current, thermal, and fluidic losses....
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