Titanium felt GDL installed in 0.5 MW PEM hydrogen stack

As one of the metal GDL supplier for PEM hydrogen industry, our titanium fiber felt GDL has proved it’s quality after 2000+ hours test and successfully installed in the 0.5MW stack recently. If you are interested in our new product 1200mm*1200mm ti fiber felt GDL ,please feel free to contact us any time: [email protected]

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Титановий фетр для виробництва водню

A new material titanium felt with a diameter of micrometers. It is made of metal titanium fiber by laying and sintering at high temperature. Titanium fiber felt has a three-dimensional network porous structure. Porosity and hole diameter are adjustable. Finally, it will obtain the best electrolytic performance during the electrolysis process. In the process of

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Why choose titanium felt for liquid/gas diffusion layer (LGDL)

At the present time, in the PEMEC, titanium felt liquid/gas diffusion layer (LGDL) is located between the catalyst layer (CL) and current collecting layer with flow field. As for the purpose of the Titanium felt LGDL, is to transport electrons, heat, and reactants/products to and from the CL with minimal current, thermal, and fluidic losses.

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